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In today's real estate market you simply MUST advertise your home on the internet.  Unfortunately, anyone can put up a web page.  You should know that the majority of home buyers will never even find most of them.  When you list your home with me, I'll advertise it on major National web sites including,, Google, MSN and Yahoo.  I even share your listing with my competitors, as you will see below.

Here is a partial list of ads that ran recently for 21 S. Maple in Fairborn, Ohio.  Click the links to view the screen shots.  (These open in a new window.)

Company Web Site Company Web Site
Yahoo Live Deal Trulia
Remax Propsmart
Craigslist Phil Herman
Google Irongate Realtors
MSN Big Hill/GMAC Realty
Point2Homes Prudential
Oodle Sibcy Cline
Dayton MLS Postlets

Just having a web site is NOT enough.  You need as many visitors as you can get!  The more web sites your home appears on the better. 

Ads are essential, but how are people going to find them?  Many of my clients are moving in from out of the area.  Most don't even know what part of Dayton they want to live in.  They will probably search the internet for realtors.  (Isn't that how you found me?)  Let's take a look at what they are likely to find:

In the first example I went to and searched for Dayton realtor.  There are 207,258 possible results.  My listings are highlighted with a light blue background.  I ranked number four and five on the day I checked.  That's what we want.  If we don't show up on the first page or two, nobody will ever find us!



Sometimes a prospect already knows where he wants to live.  Below is a Yahoo search for ''homes for sale in Enon'.  I have TWO listings on this page, and I rank number five out of a possible 30,100 hits.  Take a moment to study these ads.  The first four are not realtors at all!  These ads collect leads that other realtors pay for.

Notice the right side of the screen.  These are sponsored ads (ones that I pay for).  I am number one in this Yahoo search.  Once again, the other ads aren't real realtors at all!



Google is one of the most popular search engines.  It you are serious about internet marketing, you absolutely must have good ad positioning on Google  In this example I searched 'homes for sale in Huber Heights'.  Out of a possible 119,000 search results, I am on the first page.  (See the right side ads, position five.)  Nobody else in this search is a REAL REALTOR except me!  (Where is everybody?)


A lot of people who move here are in the Military.  Beavercreek is a popular destination.  Here is a Yahoo search for 'Beavercreek realtor'.  I am near the top of the first page and there are 27,100 possible search results.  Two of these first four ads are NOT REALTORS.



We've covered internet marketing from A to Z.  You need your property advertised on as many web sites as possible.  People also need to be able to find a good realtor when they don't know one.  

You deserve the best representation you can get.  Go with a brand-name company.  Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX.  You need internet advertising, and you need a realtor who can attract buyers to your home.  That's what I do.  Call me today and let's get down to business!




 Last revision:  January 24, 2009

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